Congreso Nacional de Canarias
  The principal policies


1. The CNC is a Political Party striving for Independence and committed to obtaining the rights for the Canarian People to become Self Governed where they can enjoy living in a democracy, with liberty, equality and respect for human rights for all citizens of the Canary Islands.

2. The CNC is committed to oust corruption and foreign Mafia's from its shores and opposed to the ZEC (Canarian Economical Zone) organised by the Autonomous Government to launder black money.

3. The CNC incorporate democratic policies to force the Spanish Government to respect the UN Charter and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Peoples, with emphasis on the UN Resolution 1514 in 1960 about the RIGHT TO SELF DETERMINATION which all colonised people have, and which is the case of the Canary Islands-Res. 1514 (XV) of 15/12/1960, which clearly specifies the following points 1 &2;

     1) "That the people who are subjected to the domination and exploitation by a foreign power constitutes the negation of the basic rights of man, is against the UN Charter and compromises the cause of peace and world co-operation".

     2) "All people have the right to control their own destiny, in virtue of this right they may freely carry out their economic, social and cultural development".

4. The CNC reject all the Autonomous Statutes which have been passed by the Parliament in Madrid, which have only served as an instrument to destroy our National, economical, social and cultural identity and compromise the future of our children.

5. The CNC totally abhor all forms of colonialism of the Canarian People and wish to abolish it. This means that all Canarians must unite in their National struggle to free the Canary Islands of colonialism.

6. The CNC are committed to release the Canary Islands from the European Union, where they are considered to be an Ultraperipherial area. The CNC want the Canary Island to be categorised as a THIRD STATE with the same relationship as that of Israel, Morocco and Tunisia.

7. The CNC are striving for an Independent State with a seat in the U.N. Due to its geographical position the Republic of the Canary Islands must be a neutral and non alligned state, a necessity to assure the islands economical future which is based on free trade and tourism. The Spanish Government have plans to militarise our Archipelago by installing missile launching areas etc., the Canary Islands have been forced into NATO against their own free will. The CNC recognise the dangers of militarism of the Canary Islands and what this could do to local and foreign investments, as well as the atmospheric consequences of the same, and including the threat of our existence due to other nations pointing their missiles at our islands due to the occupancy of NATO on our shores.

8. The CNC being an Independent Party, want to convert the present Canarian Colony into an Independent country, into a progressive, democratic, pacifist Republic.

9. At this moment in time, the autonomous agreement formed by a pact between the Spanish governing parties of PP and Canarian Coalition, are squandering the public money they control, to favour their own private interests and that of their friends and associates. All of this is transforming the Canary Islands into a Republican banana field of the worst species. The corruption reigns in every sector and this is the reason why WE THE CNC PARTY DENOUNCE THIS DEGRADING SITUATION WHICH IS RUINING OUR WEALTH ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS.

10. The continual administrative corruption that has risen under the shadow of colonialism in the Canary Islands, is doing away with all the honest businesses of the islands.

11. At this current moment the Spanish Colonial Government are converting these islands into a place where International congresses of whatever kind can be celebrated. With this they only hope to shield the fact that the Canary Islands are no more than a vulgar colony of Spain, and therefore influence International public opinion with this front. We sincerely hope that the foreign governments and institutions of these countries do not participate in this International manoeuvre.

14. The Electoral system prevailing today in the Canary Islands is Anti-Democratic because they permit a non-Canarian population to participate in the elections, that is to say, Spanish residents and even Europeans of the European Commonwealth can vote in the local elections, fabricated in this manner to leave the Guanche people in minority and in an extremely disadvantaged position. This system reeks of Colonial domination over the Canarian Peoples hearsay. During the elections, the Independent Political Parties are only allowed four and a half minutes viewing time to appear on T.V., this decision is enforced by the Colonial Government, who dominate not only the television but the airwave sectors also, their political parties are allowed to canvas on the media throughout the elections.

13. The CNC Party are promoting the creation of a National federation of Football to allow the Canary Islands to participate in the International Tournaments with their own team, in the same way as Scotland, Wales, Andorra, Morocco, Malta, as well as other Nationalities such as Cataluña and Euskaleria do. The Spanish Government block this and other creative projects as always.

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