Congreso Nacional de Canarias
  A brief history of the Canarian National Congress


Spain's last African colony where after centuries its inhabitants are still striving for independence. On the 22nd of November 1964 the MPAIAC (MOVEMENT FOR THE SELF-DETERMINATION AND INDEPENDENCE OF THE CANARIAN ARCHIPELAGO), first Movement for the Independence in the islands, was founded by the lawyer Mr. Antonio Cubillo during his exile in Algiers, where he was forced to live by the Spanish fascist authorities. It was during this period of exile that the situation of the Canary Islands came into the public eye of International rights and the Islands became an International concern, this status was clarified in the year 1964, during an important meeting with the African Heads of State and the African Movement of Freedom Fighters, approved by the OAU (Organisation of African Unity) which took place on the 20th . July 1968 to Algiers, it was established and recognised that the Canary Islands form an integral part of the African Continent. This was a solemn declaration which erupted all borders of Spanish Colonialism and put the Canary Islands forth to the UNITED NATIONS and reached International spheres, where from this point in time the relationships of International Rights for the Canary Islands would be closely looked into. The African Liberation Committee of the OAU have supported the struggle of the MPAIAC for many years now. This movement attended the many meetings between 1964 & 1991. The MPAIAC began its activities in the Canary Islands in November 1976 against the Spanish occupying forces. The Spanish oppressions of the nationalist Movements of the Canary Islands was so strong that they murdered three members of the Nationalist Party and attempted against the life of its President, leaving him with the most brutal injuries, this act of repression from the Spanish Government outraged the Canarian people and caused them to manifest in large demonstrations all over the streets of Tenerife , this took place in the year 1977. Many Nationalists were put in prison where they were brutally tortured by the Spanish Colonialist Authorities. The CNC came into being in the year 1985, when Mr. Cubillo arrive to Canary Islands of his exile in Algiers.

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